STAR Golf Targets

Smart Targets

Standard suite of SMART targets consist of 7 targets, categorized into LONG game and SHORT game. LONG game targets are designed for use 25yds up to 200yds and SHORT game targets are typically used within 25yds. The CHIP 10 crosses this boundary and is included in both categories.

LONG Game:

  • APPROACH-30  30ft diameter, distance 200 - 75yds
  • PITCH-20 20ft diameter, distance 100 - 35yds
  • CHIP-10 10ft diameter, distance up to 50yds


  • CHIP-10 10ft Diameter, distance up to 50yds
  • KNOCK down Distance up to 25yds
  • BUMP ‘n run Distance up to 25yds
  • MICRO chip Distance up to 25yds
  • PUTT 24 Replaces flagstick on practice green
  • SMART targets LIGHT UP when the golf ball lands in, engaging the whole group, players and spectators alike, thanks to STAR golf’s HIT target System.
  • After dark, SMART targets are easily ILLUMINATED with STAR Golf's AFTER dark package included as standard.
  • SMART targets are designed with input from golf pros to CHALLENGE the GOLF SHOTS faced, and SKILLS required, when on the course within 200 YARDS OF THE PIN.
  • Change the location of your SMART target to increase or decrease shot difficulty.
  • They are PORTABLE (modular sections), STRONG (steel / pvc) and Weather resistant enough to be left outside overnight on non-permanent basis for AFTER dark events purchase our PARTY kit which includes tripods with 4 lights each, 2 ground lights including 1 laser, glow golf balls in various colors, clip on uv flood lights to make the golf balls highly visible and white flood lights for lighting the hitting zone.
  • SMART targets are MADE TO ORDER with care so your product is FUNCTIONAL & FUN, and GOOD QUALITY & GOOD LOOKING for long time enjoyment.

All SMART targets ship with - STAR golf’s HIT target System in water resistant enclosure, AFTER dark package (to illuminate SMART targets except BUMP ‘nrun and KNOCK down), batteries, chargers, storage bags and manuals