STAR Golf Targets


After dark turn your club into an outdoor night club and glow golf arena with PARTY kit SMART target accessories. I PARTY kit serves 3 hitting locations and the surrounding area for parties of up to about 25 people. 2 PARTY kits are usually enough for parties of up to 50 people (up to 6 hitting locations). PARTY kit contains the following equipment.

  • Tripods, each with 4 different lights to illuminate the area around the hitting locations including the KNOCK down SMART target (which, unlike the other SMART targets, don't come with integral illumination due to its shape)
  • uv and 3 white clip-on flood lights for lighting the hitting locations and the luminous golf balls sitting in the buckets before use
  • 1 large area laser light and 1 light to illuminate a BUMP 'nrun or KNOCKdown SMART target
  • 200 luminous driving range quality golf balls in up to 6 colors (White, yellow, green, pink, orange and blue), power cords, adapters, batteries, chargers, storage bags and manuals
  • Tripod includes RGB flood, Chauvet RGB DMX spot, 2x ground area lights
  • 100 100v 15A extension cord also included