STAR Golf Targets

About Us

STAR golf is a family-run business who’s goal is “BRINGING GOLFERS TOGETHER”
Our portable SMART targets and accessories will enable you to offer new, fun and competitive, social group golf experiences at your location, enabling you to utilize your space more efficiently, offer more events, complement existing events and introduce people to golf in a fun setting.

  • We design and produce novel, above ground, golf targets and accessories for use by country clubs, tournaments, charity events, schools & camps, parties and at home
  • We call them SMART targets because they light up when hit to engage players, teams and spectators and, when used with our patented COLOR score technology, can keep score.
  • We create fun and competition with games such as the 100yds TOURNAMENT accumulator and KNOCK down knockout as well as classics such as GLOW golf and CORN hole reimagined.
  • SMART targets offer a unique and flexible format for marketing and sponsored events where corporates or other brands may grab and hold the attention of a large group of golfers and spectators in a social, group setting

Experience SMART Targets

  • The standard SMART target designs available on our website, we are able to make custom SMART targets to fit your needs and imagination – contact us – no idea too mad.
  • STAR golf is also introducing it’s first golf gift - SMART putt - best putting device with ball return on the market and the perfect corporate gift where style, quality and uniqueness are required – branding available too – contact us.

“We don’t believe in manufactured obsolescence and know that almost all damage or malfunctions are repairable. So, in addition to our 1 year warranty we offer a repair service for your SMART target and accessories. And, because thinking about shipping is a pain, we’ve included it in our prices.” Shane Bush, CEO